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claim (again)
lockandkeybum wrote in ephervescence

Possibly the fiercest dinosaur you will ever see right there. ^___^ Yes ladies and gentleman, I have returned to cause havoc and feed Jjong again. Don't worry, I know you missed me.  My name is Kim Kibum, but you can call me Key. I love going shopping for designer stuff with Zhoumi hyung, caring for little Taeminnie, hanging out with my boys, singing, dancing, and cooking. I think that's enough for you all for now~ I'm of course in possibly the best Ring Ding Dongy band right now Shinee. Hit me up sometime huh?
lockandkeybum| #key to the music

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Only. ^_____^ Unless you've been good...but somehow I doubt that...

Better than him, at least.

Maybe~ I have missed you though, but I didn't just admit that.

Cook me breakfast and I'll forget I ever read it.

Hmmm....waffles with strawberries sound good to you?

Always. Bring along the weird one below with you. ^___^

I'll be right there. Hyung is still asleep. Let me bask in being awake before him.

Minho is a liar. Feed me please. :]

You shouldn't lie. Your nose will grow.

Will defaming me make you grow taller?

If that was the case, I'd be selling stories to tabloids right now.

It's good to know I come in below your height in priorities.

No, technically, you're above them. That's my problem.

Aish I leave you two alone for a few hours and you're already causing chaos. 8|

Keyyyy, this time stay around for good, okay? T__T

I promise this time. ^__^ Why, miss me or something?

ring ding dongy band hahah has a nice ring to it~

It does, it shows my brilliance. :)

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