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taemtodance wrote in ephervescence

How can you resist this face? You can't! ♥

Hi hi hi! Everyone's favorite magnae is finally here!
Presenting the star dancer and magnificent Lee Taemin of SHINee!

Did you see our win at Music Bank? I was so excited!
And Jonghyun-hyung didn't even cry this time! ^-^
Please continue to support us so that he doesn't start crying.
I think Jinki-hyung used the rest of the tissues already. -_-

You can call me~ call me~ at #taeminette! or find me here at taemtodance!

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Taeminette~ Oh~ ♪

I think hyung is all cried out. ^^

Minho-hyung! You should be Minhomeo~♪!!

Is that possible? o_o

Ah. I might not make the best Romeo.

...maybe. Should we test it?

I think you would! Come on, hyung! ^-^

Yes! What should we do?

I'll get it just for you to use.

Tell him he won a Grammy? ^^

I'll call you all the time!

Oh! Where is he? Let's try it!

Minhomeo is now on and awaiting your call. ^^

I think the living room. Should we do it right now?

Finally, I was worried the idiots had driven you astray...

Of course not, Kibum-hyung! I'd never leave you alone! ^-^

Taemin-sshi dongsaeng hihihi! :D

Aww I'm supporting you guys~ so, tears, stop! Keke, puffy eyes are not nice! ^^

Sunmi-ssi! Hi hi hi! ^-^v♥

I'll tell Jonghyun-hyung about your support! I think he thinks it must be a good look for him. >_>

Thank you!!!

Oh, Taeminnie~ &hearts

my day has been made :-)

Jinki-hyung!!!!!!!! ^-^♥

It will be the best day if you tell me I'm still your favorite! n_n♥

... now, see, if I'd come here first I would have known not to listen to you guys. :|

AN INTERNATIONAL GRAMMY! ^-^v You were a good sport, hyung.

Ahnyoung Taemin ah! ^^
Hyung is a little late in greeting you, sorry.;;
Just been busy lately like you guys have. Keke

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