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Ring Ding Claim~
magicalkey wrote in ephervescence

With Jinki hyung, Jjong, and Minho around here to represent SHINee, I decided to show up to remind everyone that we're not only clumsy, big headed, and quiet but sexy too. ^-^ Kim Kibum, better known as Almighty Key and not to be confused with any other Kim Kibums that might be wandering around. I'm one of a kind and can only be found at magicalkey or at #key enchantment. Make sure you can withstand my spell before dialing, I'm not in the habit of kissing frogs~ ^-^

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If a kiss from you would break the spell, does that make you the princess?

I think the most important part is that it makes you the frog ^-^

Ah. But I'm Kibum spell resistant. ^^

That's because I don't want to charm you.

I guess there's work to do ^-^

I'm going to assume you mean your icons and not the insulting.

Hihi Kibum-sshi! :D

Aww kissing frogs isn't all that bad, hee~ ^^

Hey hey Sunmi-sshi~

I wouldn't and don't want to know about that. Frogs aren't my type.

... I'm big headed AND sexy. :|

I think they left that blond hair dye too long into your head. You're speaking non-sense now!

When you tell lies, it makes the whole group look bad.

And that's exactly why you should let me do all the talking.

Big headed and quiet too? :o How's that work?
Welcome around!

Physically big headed ^-^

Oh! I guess I don't see the big head part. But that could be because you perform A++ so I'm not looking at that.

When you live with it every day it's kind of hard not to see. Thank you I always do my best ^-^

hello key~ you looked really good in the mv, your hair was all over!

The right products do it for you! Thank you.

Hey! I approve of your English rapping in that song you and Minho did with Luna, by the way.

clumsy works for me :3

If you kissed a frog, what would happen? Are you also a princess?

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