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♕ EFFERVESCENCE - A Non-AU Asian Entertainment RP
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"I'm walking on air, living on a prayer, I look up at the sky and I feel like a millionaire~"
-Far East Movement

☆. Get your V.I.P. pass. Every muse must have their own LJ and AIM sn. (please note the comm has mature themes so please be 15yrs old or older to apply)

☆. A player can only have one claim per band. (be sure to check the claims list before applying)

☆. Maintain your hustle. Activity Checks will be done once per month (on the first of each month). Make sure your muse posts at least once to the community within that time frame.

☆. When dropping, please do so by making a formal withdrawal from the community. Muses dropped cannot be reclaimed for the probation period which is 7 days.

☆. Keep it real. There's too much swag here for haters. So check your egos at the door and have some fun. This means respecting anonymity as well.

☆. Stay fresh. Factions and Cliques aren't welcomed, so please try to be open minded at all times. Say hi to those you wouldn't expect to sometimes.

☆. If a muse is rarely visibly available for play or if they exhibit OOC or any inappropriate type behavior, the mods reserve the right to remove the muse from the game.

Application should include the following:
✎ name
✎ (band, industry, etc)
✎ journal name
✎ aim screen name
✎ and whatever more you want to say

Note about Video Posts:
When posting YT videos or any other streaming source, please do not post more than one video above a cut. And if you do posts videos, make sure that they are maximum: 325 x 244 or 360 x 250 for wide screen. This is to take everyone's f-list into account.